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Running QuickBooks remotely

I had some requests come in for running QuickBooks remotely from several tech companies, specifically, Managed Service Providers.

These mass inquiries were prompted by more and more companies wanting their employees to work from home (because of the whole COVID-19 thing).

Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server) can provide functionality where applications run/execute remotely yet look like they are running on the workstation. I’m referring to the RemoteApp feature of Remote Desktop Services.

I haven’t worked with QuickBooks in years. Lately I’m mostly being doing work in Enterprise or for Software Development companies.

When checking with Intuit, I found some helpful pages in their knowledge base.

  • Only QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions is supported by Intuit (live phone support), in a Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server) environment.
  • Windows Server 2019 is not supported for QB 2019 Pro/Premier and Enterprise Solutions 19.0 – The QB Database Engine or the application.

If you were to run QuickBooks in Azure using Windows Virtual Desktop. It IS supported. Windows Virtual Desktop provides Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session.

If you are interested in running QuickBooks in Azure, please visit my contact page and I can get you up and running in hours.

Additionally, I didn’t know there was a version of the QuickBooks Database Engine that’s now supported on Linux! That’s Awesome!

For those of you who are QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions customers, there’s a KB article which provides instructions on how to “Install QuickBooks Desktop on a Terminal Server.”

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