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Reset WordPress Password

For those of you who have forgot your password to get into your WordPress site, we have posted this link so you can create a new WordPress password. This is the technical approach to resetting your password for your WordPress installation.

You have to go into your hosting control panel and get into phpMyAdmin and then select your database and drill down to your ‘Users’ table. In a default installation this is ‘wp_users’ and this will display all of your users.

To generate a new password go to: http://www.miraclesalad.com/webtools/md5.php and type what you want your new password to be. This will generate your MD5 hash of your password.

In phpMyAdmin, edit the row with the user account you want to change and then in the ‘user_pass’ cell, delete what’s in their and then paste the new value you received from Mirclesalad (the link above). Click on Go and that’s it! You can now login into your WordPress site with the new password you specified.