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PowerShell on Windows Server 2003

I came across an article on Microsoft’s Support Knowledge Base on how to enable Windows Remote Shell on Windows Server 2003.


To enable Windows Remote Shell you need to deploy a server side and client side settings:

Server Side:

Note: The server definition in the article describe a Windows host that get into remote management shell.

1. Logon into the Windows console.

2. Optional (For Windows Vista serve as remote server):

Start the service “Windows Remote Management ” and set it for auto start after reboot.

3. Write the command prompt : “WinRM quickconfig” and press on the “Enter” button.

4. The following output should appear:

“WinRM is not set up to allow remote access to this machine for management.
The following changes must be made:

Set the WinRM service type to delayed auto start.
Start the WinRM service.
Create a WinRM listener on HTTP://* to accept WS-Man requests to any IP on this

Make these changes [y/n]? y”

5. After pressing the “y” button, the following output should appear:

“WinRM has been updated for remote management.

WinRM service type changed successfully.
WinRM service started.
Created a WinRM listener on HTTP://* to accept WS-Man requests to any IP on this machine.”

Note 1: Its recommended to change the default settings via “winrm.cmd” command (Like enable HTTPS support etc.).

Note 2: Windows Remote Shell using SOAP. Some firewalls may block SOAP traffic. Consult
the vendor documentation for further information.

Client Side:

On Windows Vista/Windows 2008 host use the command:

“winrs -r:%servername% remote command” and press on “Enter” button.

Example: To review remote file system, write the following command:

“winrs -r:DC1 dir”

Note: In Windows Workgroup environment, there is a need to add a trust for the server

that the client initiate a connection to it.

winrm set winrm/config/client @{TrustedHosts=”%servername1%,”%servername2%”}

Verity the new settings by using the command:

“winrm enumerate winrm/config/listener”


Get More information Here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/555966